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Characteristics of a Free Conference Call.
The use of telecommunication system by people in remote areas to participate in a common conversation is defined as free conference call. Conference stakeholders have an option of holding an interactive session or can choose to listen to one speaker who is usually the call through a free conference call. This is achievable through the use of telephones that are linked to a telephone bridge. Free conference call service providers applies use of advanced information technology to maximize the efficiency of their service which facilitate development of the business firms. This simultaneously reduces time wasted through travelling and can be utilized in better resourceful ways.
Free conference call companies are able to share revenue with the local phone companies which eliminates organizer fee for the free conference calls. The terminating service charge paid by the clients is shared between the phone company in ownership of the telephone bridge and the free conference company which necessitates the need to set proper business protocols. The nature of business relationship between the phone company and the free conference call company eventually lowers the cost at which business firms gets the service at.
Free conference calls are designed in such a way that the conference proceedings can be recorded in a simple and clear audio without omitting any detail. Business firms using free conference calls have affirmed that it is very easy to retrieve previous conference audios as opposed to the detailed and bulky literature.
Free conference calls only grant access to the conference to stakeholders in acquisition of that particular business security codes which ensures that the conference is confidential. Free conference calls are able to accommodate a large number of online conference attendees of up to a thousand participants. This minimizes cases of absenteeism as the stake holders have no excuse to miss the conference. Business firms can conduct a free conference of six hours at their convenient pace at any time of the day. Free conference call companies do not limit their clients on the number of the free conference calls they can make thus business firms can conduct teleconference at will. Local and international stakeholders can participate in one conference as free conference call service operate globally.
Business firms can acquire free conference call services from the information provided by the free conference call services in the internet. These services are very economical as they eliminate all the costs required to facilitate a physical conference. To fit in the digitalized world, free conference call subscription with a free conference company is inevitable by any type of a business firm.

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